Bike Tyre Tube

  1. Bike Tyre Tubes

    Wisely made of supreme quality butyl rubber, these Bike Tyre Tubes are best known for their excellent vehicle compatibility. Designed with angular grooves, sturdy block pattern and wider tread profiling, these tubes have excellent grip on dry as well as wet road. These tyre tubes also ensure superior stability on rough roads with longer life. Highly acclaimed for its increased grip and unmatched safety, these tubes are 100% waterproof.
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  2. Bike Automotive Tube

    This Bike Automotive Tube is exclusively designed with continuous centre mass and directional pattern which ensures uniform mass transfer from crown to shoulder. This tube ensures vibration- free comfortable ride, providing excellent steering and better cornering. It has extra grip on dry as well as wet roads, ensuring utmost safety. In addition, it also ensures better stability and control. Designed with a new tread pattern, this tube has maximum water transfer and good grip on all kind of surfaces.
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  3. Bike Butyl Tube

    This Bike Butyl Tube is highly appreciated for its good handling qualities owing to its profile and high degree of comfort and straight line stability. Made of excellent quality isobutylene isoprene rubber, this tube is provided with a bent valve stem. Our entire range is better in elastic damping, air tightness and aging resistance as compared to natural rubber tubes. This tube has excellent vehicle compatibility and superior wear resistance.
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  4. Bike Inner Tube

    Our high- quality Bike Inner Tube is wisely made of supreme quality butyl rubber. It features excellent air sealing and high temperature resistance. Features aging resistance and wear resistance, these inner tubes are compatible for use in varied models and makes of bikes. This tube does not easily break and deformed. Designed with a straight valve stem, this inner tube is highly recommended for long distance/racing. It is also suitable for use with gas as well as electric bikes.
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  5. Bike Pneumatic Tube

    This Bike Pneumatic Tube is provided with an angled valve stem. It makes an excellent tube for varied tires of vehicles. This tube is widely used in a number of electric bikes, recreational scooters and even kids bicycles. It ensures fast and reliable drive with utmost safety on all types of surfaces. These tubes are excellent in terms of air tightness and aging resistance.
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  6. Bike Rubber Tube

    Our wide range of Bike Rubber Tube is wisely made of supreme quality butyl rubber. Puncture resistant, this tube is capable of holding pressure twice as long as a traditional round tube. Suitable for varied sizes of tyres, our complete range is best known for its wear and ageing resistance. Tried and tested on both dry and wet surfaces, these tubes deliver high end performance with excellent grip and stability.
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